Wednesday, 9 May 2018

HORROR MUSIC 💀 Movie Soundtracks - Spotify Playlist (1 Hour)


Spotify Music Playlist of horror movie soundtracks. Film composers include: Benjamin Wallfisch, John Williams, Alan Silvestri, John Carpenter, Anton Coppola, Jon Brooks, Charlie Clouser, James Newton Howard and Patrick Doyle.

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Duration: 1 Hour

Film Soundtracks include:
  • IT - Benjamin Wallfisch
  • Psycho - Bernard Herrmann
  • Halloween - John Carpenter
  • Dark Highlands - Jon Brooks
  • Frankenstein - Patrick Doyle
  • The Omen - Jerry Goldsmith
  • Dead Silence - Charlie Clouser
  • Dracula - Anton Coppola
  • Jaws - John Williams
  • What Lies Beneath - Alan Silvestri
  • The Shining - Wendy Carlos, Rachel Elkind
  • The Village - James Newton Howard
  • Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street - Charles Bernstein
  • Jigsaw - Charlie Clouser

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Dark Highlands (Complete Soundtrack) Logic Pro X Project Download LPP Template - Jon Brooks Composer

Download Logic Pro X Project

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Download the Logic Pro X Project Session Template for the complete 'Dark Highlands' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack arrangement and compositions on Sellfy. The downloadable LPP project includes the MIDI regions, programming, tempo changes, instrumentation, equalisation settings, automation etc. for the full filmscore.
* Additionally, included in the download package is the MP3 album with all the final mixes of the album's sound track, which means there is no requirement to download it on Amazon, iTunes or anywhere else. The album is usually priced at $9.99 alone. (See below for the album track list).

Download Size : 884.1 MB
Uncompressed size : 1.08 GB

Cinematic, dark and suspenseful orchestral instrumental music session project. Sinister and ominous horror / thriller film score music exuding tension and foreboding evil. In contrast, it also features some beautiful thematic music. Music composed, orchestrated and programmed in Logic Pro X.

Please note: 
It's likely that you'll have to replace some of the instruments / plugins for similar ones unless you have all of them yourself; so playback might be slightly different. However, impulse responses, Logic Pro X effects/plugins and audio files etc. are all included.

Link to the music on YouTube:
Listen to 'Dark Highlands' on Apple Music:
YouTube Channel:

This music and Logic Pro X template is subject to copyright and is provided for tutorial and demonstration purposes only. © 2018 Jon Brooks.

In Summary, the download includes:
  • Logic Pro X project session template (LPP) for the complete film score.
  • Complete MP3 music album for 'Dark Highlands'.

Thank you for checking out my work and for downloading my templates and music.
For additional information about me, please visit my website:

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Dark Highlands - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Music by Jon Brooks - Listen on Apple Music

Dark Highlands Soundtrack
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Jon Brooks

Soundtrack Titles

1. Dark Highlands Opening Titles - 2:19
2. There’s No Other Way - 6:34
3. Brain Damage - 1:04
4. Nowhere to Run - 1:44
5. The Chauffeur - 2:33
6. Highlands Arrival - 1:38
7. Preparation - 2:15
8. The First Night - 1:18
9. Sunrise - 1:10
10. The Artist Paints - 3:37
11. What’s Going On? - 2:25
12. Paranoid - 1:20
13. What’s Out There? - 2:03
14. Hunted - 1:26
15. Lurking In The Trees - 1:07
16. Don’t Close Your Eyes - 3:01
17. Never Far Away - 8:44
18. Make A Run For It - 3:07
19. Bloodthirsty Savage - 4:20
20. Psychopath’s Playground - 1:12
21. Locked Out - 2:13
22. The Escape - 1:18
23. Formulating The Plan - 2:52
24. Human Flesh - 2:10
25. Hiding Place - 2:17
26. Whatever It Takes To Survive - 2:06
27. Something Else Out There - 2:09
28. Captive - 1:55
29. Survival - 2:25
30. Rescue and Recovery - 3:25
31. Dark Highlands Closing Titles - 1:52

Dark Highlands (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). Music composed and produced by Jon Brooks. A Japanese artist visits the Scottish Highlands to paint, but he becomes the target of a sadistic and psychopathic killer. Alone, suffering from exposure and hunted, he must find a way to survive.

Director : Mark Stirton
Music by : Jon Brooks
Writer : Mark Stirton
Production Company : Hats on Sticks Pictures Ltd.
Producer : Michael G Clark
Executive Producer : Forbes Hardie
Executive Producer : Jun Ichi
Executive Producer : Zani Mikyta
Jun Ichi - The Artist
Steve Campbell - The Gamekeeper
Mike Mitchell - Ghillie
Brian Cox - Opening Narrator
Alec Westwood - Radio Voiceover
Barry Thackrey - Jogger
Michael G Clark - Rescue Worker 1
Alistair Ritchie - Male Hiker
Aria Morrison-Blyth - Female Student
Lucy Philip - Female Hiker
Fraser Napier - Male Student
Jane Nyokabi - Nurse
Mark Wyness - Driver
Faust As - Rescue Worker 2
Cinematographer : Michael G Clark
Film Editing : Mark Stirton
Production Design : Michael G Clark
Production Assistant : Zani Mikyta
Production Assistant : Mary Baird Sommerville
Costume Design : Michael G Clark
Key Makeup Artist : Michael G Clark
Prosthetics Sculptor : Andrew Glazebrook
Second Unit Director/ Assistant Director : Fraser Napier
Special Effects : Michael G Clark
Stunts : Mark Wyness
Additional Aerial Cinematography : Innes A Gregory
Additional Aerial Cinematography Assistant : Kane Gregory
Camera Steadicam : Faust As
Aerial Cinematographer : Barry Thackrey
Costume and Wardrobe : Zani Mikyta
Transportation : Mark Maddock
GENRE: Horror/Drama
COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Download Logic Pro X Template LPP Music Session for 'Seventh Heaven' (Jon Brooks Composer)

LPP - Logic Pro X Project Template is now available to download on Sellfy.

I'm often asked how i write and produce music. Analysing my compositional elements and programming techniques in my Logic Pro X projects is a good way of learning.

Music Composer / Programmer: Jon Brooks

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Music composed and produced by Jon Brooks

Monday, 9 April 2018

Motivational Video - Believe In Me

A motivational video featuring some of the most powerful and inspiring quotes of all time accompanied by dramatic orchestral music.

Music Composer - Jon Brooks - 'Believe In Me'

Sunday, 8 April 2018

"National Day" Logic Pro X Template DOWNLOAD LPP (Epic Orchestral Logic Pro Project) Jon Brooks Music Composer

Download "National Day" - Logic Pro Project LPP Orchestral Template

(Compatible with Apple Logic Pro 9 and Logic Pro X) 

Dramatic epic orchestral symphonic Logic Pro music session. Music composed, orchestrated and programmed in Logic Pro.  It features an excerpt I arranged of UAE's National Anthem towards the end. Please note: It's likely that you'll have to replace some of the instruments/plugins for similar ones unless you have all of them yourself; so playback might be slightly different. However, all the EXS24 samples, sampler instruments and audio files etc. are included.

Here's a link to the full mix and demonstration of the music session on YouTube:
Logic Pro template is available to download on Sellfy here: 
YouTube Channel:

This music is subject to copyright and is provided for tutorial and demonstration purposes only. © Jon Brooks.