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Jon Brooks - British Music Composer
Music production for Film, Television, Artists and Advertising.

Monday, 14 July 2014

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Jon Brooks - Music Composer - Recording Studio
Music Production for Film, Television, Artists and Advertising

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Independence Day - July 4th 2014

Independence Day - July 4th, 2014

Clive Farrington's solo album is available to download on iTunes here:

Music and Lyrics: Clive Farrington and Jon Brooks
©2013 Tough Monkey Records

Independence - Clive Farrington

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Heart of the Unicorn - Clive Farrington

'Heart of the Unicorn' is the ninth track on Clive Farrington's album 'Independence'. It's a slow, emotional love song that tugs at the heart strings. Music and Lyrics by Clive Farrington and Jon Brooks. (© 2013 Tough Monkey Records).

'Heart of the Unicorn' is available to download on iTunes:

Manchester based music producer, Jon Brooks, teamed up with fellow Mancunian Clive Farrington (lead vocalist of 'When In Rome') to co-write and produce Clive's first solo album 'Independence'.

Jon Brooks specialises in Music Production for Film, Television and Advertising. (South Manchester, UK).

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'When in Rome' had a No. 1 hit single in the USA with 'The Promise'. It was released in 1988. In 2004, 'The Promise' was used as the end title theme in the movie, 'Napoleon Dynamite'. Due to unfortunate legal issues over the band name 'When In Rome', Clive decided to go ahead with a solo album.

The official release date (4th July 2013) is significant; not only does it symbolise independence in the United States; it also represents Clive Farrington's independent release outside of 'When in Rome'.

The album exhibits a fusion of styles; blending classical orchestral elements with a modern day electronic sound... as an addition to this, 'Independence' also boasts a hint of the 80's too! It's already receiving extensive radio play and TMR Records have negotiated and licensed two of the tracks to GAP (Mexico) for use on their latest compilation CD. Various tracks on the album could be classed as a cross between the 'Pet Shop Boys', David Guetta, Scott Walker and Robert Miles. The songs are honest, suitably original and highly emotive.

The album 'INDEPENDENCE' was released on their own record label: TMR (Tough Monkey Records) through Kobalt Label Services / AWAL on July 4th 2013.

------- ------- LYRICS ------- -------

There was a time
Our heads in the clouds
No reason or rhyme
Or searching for rainbows
Without knowing why
The long hot summers
We thought would never end
And they never did

And we never found
The heart of the unicorn
We never found
Something so beautiful
We never found
The heart of the unicorn
We never found
That truly magical place

When you see me reaching
In search for your soul
Make no mistake
My heart won't grow cold
Failure to deliver
My hopes and fears
Recalling the moments
When your temper brought tears

And we never found
The heart of the unicorn
We never found
Something so beautiful
We never found
The heart of the unicorn
We never found
That truly magical place


And we never found
The heart of the unicorn
We never found
Something so beautiful
We never found
The heart of the unicorn
We never found
That truly magical place

Something so beautiful...

------- ------- ------- ------- -------

Released: 04 July 2013
All songs written, performed & produced by: Clive Farrington & Jon Brooks
(Except,'Showdown' & 'Breathing': written by: Clive Farrington, Jon Brooks and Andrew Mann).
Lead Vocals: Clive Farrington
Piano, Strings & Keyboards / Backing Vocals / Mixing: Jon Brooks
Sequencers / Morse Code (Deliver): Clive Farrington & Jon Brooks
Ibanez Acoustic Bass Guitar: Clive Farrington
Spoken Word 'Invisible': Steve Benz and Paul Todd
All Tracks Mastered by: David Eley at TGM

Saturday, 31 May 2014

TEEN TAAL - Marketing Campaign

I'm currently working on the soundtrack for this beautiful feature film. The cast and crew of 'Teen Taal' are amazing and the director, Shakirul Alam, is awesome! Please do help us to share and support the campaign. The crowd funding campaign is to assist with marketing, promotional material and to help push the cinema release worldwide. It's such a pleasure to be involved with this movie - Thank you again Shakirul for such a beautiful and emotive film. This kind of movie is a composer's dream! Click the link for more info. Please do share; it'll be much appreciated. Thank you! Best wishes, Jon.  xxx

The aim and what's on offer 
£50,000 is the aim to gather through a Crowd-fund to add to the budget for distributing, marketing and promotions. This fund would ensure up to another additional 30-40 screens for release at single and multiplex cinema theatres. Also the number of posters, and TV/ theatrical trailers shown will be significantly more which would help promote the film a lot further before the release to try and reach the maximum number of audiences to see the movie.
Here’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone and everyone to get involved and support this project. Several perks are listed with different levels of rewards for your kind support. From a signed DVD, to credits in the movie to an invite to the premiere, everything is on offer for anyone who is interested to support the campaign.
The impact
So much hard work, passion and love has gone into making this film by the entire team (literally everybody from the cast & crew to musicians & composers). One of the aims and wish is that everyone’s work gets the fullest appreciation by reaching the film to the biggest possible audience. We have dedicated the film to Attar Singh Chowdhury and it’s a great thought to think his story and music finally will get recognised and never be forgotten.
For anyone getting involved with this campaign, you can always remember that you had something to do with the success of this film hopefully after release. Everything counts and we appreciate equally for all the kindness shown towards this film.
Those looking to break into the world of cinema, here’s also a great opportunity to get your name noticed and possibly collaborate on upcoming projects being developed by Shakirul Alam Pictures Ltd. This is my first feature film and by no means last. I’m currently working on other projects including Hindi films and also British projects for English language films.
Other ways you can help
Some people may not be able to contribute, but don’t feel left out as that doesn't mean you can't help. We appreciate every type of support given towards this campaign. You can simply get the word out about this unique campaign through word of mouth and also by using sharing tools to promote the campaign link on your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
On behalf of the entire Teen Taal team, a very genuine and big thank you for all your kindness and support. We hope to bring this beautiful movie to your cinema screens soon.
‘Teen Taal’ (‘Three Rhythms’) – ‘A journey in the footsteps of a father’
A Shakirul Alam Pictures Ltd production
Executive Producers – Shakirul Alam & Jaz Ali
Written, Produced & Directed by Shakirul Alam
Introducing – Gaurav Chowdhury    Shakirul Alam    Ravi Shankar Chowdhury  Neha Kargeti    Shivan Thukral    Barkha Sharma    Viraaj Sharma                  Vaibav Chowdhury   Kshitej Oberoi    Anita Chowdhury   Anuradha Kalia
Cinematography - Premanand Bhageerathan
Sound Designer - Arjun Singh
Production Designer - Shakirul Alam
Editor - Pradeep Kumar and Shakirul Alam
Music Composer - Chahat Kakkar
Background Music - Jon Brooks and Chahat Kakkar
‘Mere Rehnumaan’ Lyrics - Malwinder Singh
‘Mere Rehnumaan’ Singer - Saurav Mishra
Production Manager - Anurag Biwal
Casting - Vineet Sharma & Shakirul Alam
Assistant Director – Ishan Chopra
Location Manager – Muni Natesan
Assistant Editor -Jitender Prajapati
Costume Design - Shakirul Alam & Nit Priya
Poster design & development - Arnie Mallorca
Camera equipment (Red MX / Epic) – Vivek Chaudhary
Sound Equipment – Rajesh Chopra