Friday, 23 March 2018

Deeper Dreams - Relaxing and Calming Music for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Relaxing Music for the Mind, Body and Spirit

 Deeper Dreams - Calming and Relaxing Music Album

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Relaxing new age music combining both acoustic and electronic elements. Perfect for meditation, reflexology, spas, mindfulness, reiki, yoga and other relaxation techniques. Ideal for anxiety, mental health, panic attacks, sleep and focus.
Logic Pro X (Apple)
My Preferred DAW for Music and Audio Production

Logic Pro X is my preferred digital audio workstation for scoring feature films, TV commercials, animation series, corporate videos, library music and various other media productions. I'm often asked which software I use to compose and produce music. It's powerful, sophisticated, a pleasure to work with and fantastic for synchronising music to visual content; I'm always creating precise hit points to work with specific scenes.

Over the years I've also acquired a large number of third party sample libraries to compliment the software. However, Logic Pro X is a complete professional package and if you don't wish to add extra samples or plugins that's fine. Garageband is the entry level app and is available with Macs and iOS devices. If you're looking for more power and capabilities then Logic Pro X is a necessity.

The audio and music production suite offers a tremendous amount of functions alongside a ton of high quality virtual instruments, effects, samples and apple loops. The recent addition of Flex Pitch for controlling and manipulating pitch is on par with all the other pitch tuning plugins like AutoTune for example.

Logic Pro X isn't available for iPhones® or iPads® but the Logic Pro Remote app is a capable companion for controlling various functions remotely if required.

Key Features:

  • Edit and record audio and MIDI
  • Out of tune audio can be fixed or the melody changed by using Flex Pitch
  • Flex Time enables users to adapt the duration and tempo of a recording
  • Notate anything from full orchestral scores, lead sheets or notation for solo piano
  • Includes a massive sound library featuring drums, orchestral instrumentals, keyboards, synthesisers, guitars, basses, ethnic world instruments and Apple loops
  • Compatible with third-party AU (Audio Unit) plugins and effects
  • And loads more...

Minimum System Requirements

  1. OSX 10.12 or later
  2. 1280 x 768 resolution display (or higher)
  3. 4 GB RAM
  4. 64-bit Audio Units plug-ins
  5. 6 GB hard disk space for a minimum install
  6. (63 GB disk space for a full sound/sample library installation)
Price: £199.99
Download Logic Pro X on the App Store here: (Affiliate)

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Judd's Athletics Run - Under 6 - 60m

Judd Wyartte Pene Epping LAC
Metro LAC

Judd's Athletics (Under 6) 60m running sprint featuring the music track 'Monkey Business' by Jon Brooks.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Stormtrooper Dance "Summer Sunshine" (Quirky, Fun and Happy Acoustic Instrumental Music)

Quirky, fun and happy acoustic instrumental music accompanied by an entertaining stormtrooper dance! Music composed by Jon Brooks. Music originally produced for an Eno Mint TV commercial. Guitars by Raymund Wee.

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Bitcoin donations: 1Kdc2pTsxuzC8M4GFUAETZYzkme4AWsTbP

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Monday, 5 March 2018

Kurdsat - qaqa-3

KURDSAT, opened on January 01, 2000, is a Kurdish satellite channel based in the city of Sulaimany in Iraqi Kurdistan Region It is a general cultural TV channel covers a wide range of areas such as politics, news, art.

Kurdsat Broadcasting Corporation

Featuring the music "Happy Chappy" by Jon Brooks

Mga video sa Youtube ni Lloyd Cafe Cadena (LC Learns)

Mga Linya ni Nanay - LC Learns # 70
Topic: Mga Favorite lines ni Nanay. Ikaw, Anong Favorite line ng Nanay mo? Comment Below! LinesNiNanay

Pamahiing Tsutsugihin - LCLearns #60
Topic: Kwento ng Pag-ibig sa Maleng Paraan at Panahon. Ikaw, Anong mga Pamahiin ang gusto mo ng Tsugihin?

Music by Jon Brooks

Music by Jon Brooks

Ang Boring ng Buhay - LC Learns # 65
Topic: Mga pweding gawin tuwing Bored. Ano bang ginagawa mo kapag bored ka?

LC-Learns #23 - Tara na, Byahe Tayo!
TOPIC: Mga Experience ko sa Public Transportation Vehicles

Kuryente Problems - LC Learns #58
Topic: Mga Ganap tuwing Walang Kuryente. Ikaw, Anong mga ganap nyo kapag Walang Kuryente?

ALDUB FEVER - LC Learns #76
Para sa 1st Monthsary ng ALDUB Loveteam, gumawa ako ng video tungkol sa Kalyeserye ng Eat Bulaga. Ikaw, Anong favorite AlDub Moment mo?

Unang Bugso sa Eskwelahan - LC Learns # 43
Lloyd Cafe Cadena 

Tara! Langoy langoy tayo! - LC Learns # 67
Topic: Swimming Tips from Lloyd Cadena in Puerto Galera. Ikaw, Anong ganap mo kapag may Swimming?

Pasko Na Naman! - LC Learns # 64
Topic: Ganap towing Pasko

Nagtatampok ng 'Honey Bee Song' at 'Happy Chappy'
ng musika ng komposer ng musika na si Jon Brooks.

No es un adiós es un hasta pronto !! Humor De Cuadra - YouTube Video

OFICIAL Humor De Cuadra Video de Youtube:
No es un adiós es un hasta pronto !! Humor De Cuadra (Stable Humor)

Apresentando música de trilha sonora de Jon Brooks 'Beyond'.
Con música de la banda sonora de Jon Brooks 'Beyond'.